A significant portion of the funding for the CAUSES clinic was raised through Mining for Miracles, which raised $3 million to fund the establishment of the CAUSES clinic. The Mining for Miracles commitment was fully completed in 2017.  Genome British Columbia also backed the Mining for Miracles’ commitment by providing matching funding up to $1 million. Further funding for the project was received from the Provincial Health Services Authority as well as from the University of British Columbia.

The CAUSES (Clinical Assessment of the Utility of Sequencing and Evaluation as a Service) Research Clinic at the BC Children’s Hospital provides genome-wide sequencing for children and their parents who have complex and undiagnosed disorders who are unable to receive a diagnosis through standard testing practices.  The clinic has tested at least 500 children and their parents to identify disorders that would have previously gone undiagnosed. The clinic also provides genetic counselling, interpretation of test results, treatment recommendations and access to improved services for children who receive a diagnosis from genome-wide sequencing.

An important goal of the CAUSES Research Study has been to make clinical genome-wide sequencing available through the BC healthcare system as a funded diagnostic service.

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